The Ispirato collection offers a combination of distinctive designs and unparalleled elegance for occasion wear. It gives you the opportunity to discover your perfect look and express your personal style.

This is a collection with modern, luxurious fabrics like Stretch Taffeta, Cloque, Jacquard and lace, combining sharp tailoring and a soft, feminine style.
A beautiful selection of coordinating hats and fascinators complete your look to ensure you wear what you love, wear it well and wear it again!

ISJ903 Bordeaux Silver - Ispirato Dress and Coat

ISJ903 Bordeaux Silver

ISJ821 Lavender Mist - Ispirato Dress

ISJ821 Lavender Mist

ISK801 Steel Blue - Ispirato Dress

ISK801 Steel Blue

ISK801 Peony Frost - Ispirato Dress

ISK801 Peony Frost

ISJ908 Florenza - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISJ908 Florenza
(Shown without jacket)

ISJ908 Florenza Fuchsia - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISJ908 Florenza
(Shown with jacket)

ISK821 Fuchsia - Ispirato Dress

ISK821 Fuchsia

ISJ824 Rosa - Ispirato Dress

Capri Sunset

ISJ822 Eden Rose - Ispirato Dress

ISJ822 Eden Rose

ISJ821 Eden Rose - Ispirato Dress

ISJ821 Eden Rose

ISJ821 Deep Orchid - Ispirato Dress

ISJ821 Deep Orchid

ISJ821 Rouge - Ispirato Dress

ISJ821 Rouge

ISJ822 Midnight - Ispirato Dress

ISJ822 Midnight

ISJ821 Midnight - Ispirato Dress

ISK821 Midnight

ISJ817 Midnight - Ispirato Dress

ISJ817 Midnight

ISA818 Peacock Dress

ISA818 Peacock

ISJ822 Indigo - Ispirato Dress

ISJ822 Indigo

ISJ910 Marine - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISJ910 Marine

ISJ910 Marine - Ispirato Dress

ISJ910 Marine
Dress shown without Jacket

ISG821 Indigo - Ispirato Dress

ISK821 Indigo

ISK821 Imperial Jade - Ispirato Dress

ISK821 Imperial Jade

ISJ822 Amenite - Ispirato Dress

ISJ822 Amenite

ISJ824 Peppermint - Ispirato Dress

ISJ824 Available in Sky & Marine

ISJ821 Silver Pearl - Ispirato Dress

ISJ821 Silver Pearl

ISG909 Smoky Topaz Silver Moon - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISG909 Smoky Topaz Silver Moon (shown with jacket)

ISG814 Smoky Topaz Silver Moon - Ispirato Dress

ISG814 Smoky Topaz Silver Moon (shown without jacket)

ISJ811 Cream Amenite - Ispirato Dress

ISJ811 Cream Amenite

ISK821 Black

ISK821 Black

ISG907 Opal Delight Silver Moon - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISG907 Opal Delight Silver Moon (shown with jacket)

ISG907 Opal Delight Silver Moon- Ispirato Dress

ISG907 Opal Delight Silver Moon (shown without jacket)

ISG821 Aqua Aurora - Ispirato Dress

ISG821 Aqua Aurora

ISG800 Pink Bliss - Ispirato Dress

ISG800 Pink Bliss

ISE956 Antibes Blue - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE956 Antibes Blue
Shown with jacket

ISE956 Antibes Blue - Ispirato Dress

ISE956 Antibes Blue
Shown without jacket

ISE944 Angelica Print Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE944 Angelica Print

ISE823 Angelica Print Ispirato Dress

ISE823 Angelica Print

ISG900 Pink Bliss - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISG900 Pink Bliss
(shown with jacket)

ISG900 Pink Bliss - Ispirato Dress

ISG900 Pink Bliss
(shown without jacket)

ISD905 Navy

ISD905 Navy



ISE808 Ultramarine Ispirato Dress

ISE808 Ultramarine
Also Desert Rose
Was £519 Now £259.50

ISE930 Indigo- Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE930 Indigo
Was £559 Now £279.50

ISE932 Dove/Cream- Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE932 Dove & Cream
Also available in Atlantis & Cream
Was £655 Now £327.50

ISA954 Dress and Jacket Mocha Ice/Magnolia & Robin Egg/Cream & Soft Ash/Cream

ISA954 Mocha Ice & Magnolia
Shown with jacket
Also available in Robin Egg & Cream and Soft Ash & Cream
Was £599 Now £299.50

ISD809 Rose Paradise

ISD809 Rose Paradise
Also available in Silver Heather
Was £569 Now £285.50

ISB920 Antique Rose/Cream

ISD910 Rose Paradise
Was £679 Now £339.50

ISE934 Dove/Pink Blossom - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE934 Dove & Pink Blossom

Also available in Ecru Misty Pearl & Mocca Ice Magnolia
Was £629 Now £314.50

ISD912 Rose Paradise

ISD912 Rose Paradise
Was £799 Now £399.50

ISD809 Silver Heather

ISD809 Silver Heather
£569 Now £285.50

ISE936 Misty Pearl/Midnight - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISE936 Misty Pearl & Midnight
Was £699 Now £349.50

ISG904 Jasmine Tropical Teal - Ispirato Dress and Jacket

ISG904 Jasmine Tropical Teal
(shown with jacket)
Was £569 Now £284.50

ISG904 Jasmine Tropical Teal - Ispirato Dress

ISG904 Jasmine Tropical Teal
(shown without jacket)
Was £569 Now £284.50

ISE811 Desert Rose - Ispirato Dress

ISE811 Desert Rose
Was £519 £259.50

ISE830 -Navy/Shortbread Spot Ispirato Dress

ISE830 Navy & Shortbread Spot
Was £449 Now £224.50

ISG817 Allure Vanilla Mist - Ispirato Dress

ISG817 Allure Vanilla Mist
Was £349 Now £174.50