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Rosa Clará entered the bridal business almost 25 years ago when she opened the brand’s first store in Barcelona, Spain. Back then, she offered remarkably fashionable and differentiated designs created with the highest available quality fabrics to a growing audience of brides who didn’t identify with what was available on the market. This new take on bridalwear revolutionized the industry and soon after Rosa Clará’s stores, both franchise and owned, sprang up throughout the rest of the world, becoming one of the few internationally and nationally leading bridal brands.


8G178 Violeta


                8G189 Soft Pink              


                    7G129 Fuchsia                   £495

Rosa Clara 7G129 Emerald

               7G129 Emerald              £495

Rosa Clara - 7G1E1 Petrol

7G1E1 Petrol

8G89 Cobalt

               8G189 Cobalt                £520


8G189 Emerald

Rosa Clara - 5G131 Smoke

5G131 Smoke

Rosa Clara Dress - 5G176 Silver

5G176 Silver

Rosa Clara - 5G114 Silver

5G114 Silver
Also available in Pink

Rosa Clara - 5G254 Celestial Blue

5G254 Celestial Blue with jacket

Rosa Clara Dress - 3G184 Pink Front

3G184 Pink


Rosa Clara - 5G2E4 Taupe

5G2E4 Taupe Showing Dress

Rosa Clara Dress - 5G2E4 Taupe

5G2E4 Taupe Shown with coat
WAS £625 NOW £312.50

Rosa Clara - 7G128 Emerald Print

7G128 Emerald Print
WAS £495 NOW £247.50

Rosa Clara 7G130 Emerald Print

7G130 Emerald Print
WAS £495 NOW £247.50

Rosa Clara - 5G108 Pink

5G108 Pink
WAS £475 NOW £237.50

Rosa Clara 7G2B4 Petrol

7G2B4 Petrol
WAS £525 NOW £262.50

Rosa Clara Dress - 7G1B9 Marfil Barcelona

7G1B9 Marfil Barcelona
WAS £595 NOW £297.50

Rosa Clara Dress - 4G343 Navy Three Piece Jacket

4G343 Available in Royal Blue
Three piece – Shown with jacket
WAS £599 NOW £299.50

Rosa Clara 5G1F4 Pink

5G1F4 Pink
WAS £595 NOW £297.50

Rosa Clara - 5G1C4 Pink

5G1C4 Pink
WAS £495 NOW £247.50


8G192 Cobalt Blue
WAS £575 NOW £287.50


8G1G4 Ocean Blue
WAS £575 NOW £287.50