Tia refers to the well-dressed and sophisticated socialite or businesswoman, with a wish to look beautiful and fashionable at all times. Tia is perfect for mature women with a distinct taste, that want to differentiate from others. The garments have a feminine elegance and reflect the current fashion trends.  The fabrics for the garments are carefully selected to achieve a perfect fit, creating a beautiful and feminine silhouette whether it is jersey, satin, jacquard with its beautiful weavings, or the unique Brazilian stretch fabrics.

Spring Summer 2023

Tia 78603 Dress

78603 Fuchsia Dress

Tia 78654 Dress

78654 Pink Floral Dress
Also available in Blue

Tia 78599 Dress

78599 Cerise Dress
Also available in Blue

Tia 78614 Dress

78614 Floral Print Dress
77536 Matching Jacket Available

Tia 78417 Dress

78417 Navy Floral Dress

Tia 78437 Dress

78437 Navy Print Dress

Tia 78654 Blue Dress

78654 Blue Floral Dress
Also available in Pink

Tia 78602 Dress

78602 Dress
Only available in Blue

Tia 78649 Dress

78649 Navy Dress and Jacket
Shown without Jacket

Tia 78615 Dress

78615 Floral Dress and Shrug
Shown without Shrug

Tia 78639 Dress

78639 A Line Dress

Tia 71208 Jacket

71208 Black & White Jacket