Our Ispirato collection offers a combination of distinctive designs and unparalleled elegance for occasion wear.

Express your own personal style for any special occasion in luxurious fabrics like stretch taffeta, cloque, jacquard and lace, combining sharp tailoring and a soft, feminine style. A beautiful selection of coordinating hats and fascinators complete your look to ensure you are always the belle of the ball!

ISB818 Azure Dawn Dress

ISB923 Maple/Cream

ISB901 Platinum Pearl

ISA930 Dress Pebble

ISA913 Dress Shard Musk

ISA954 Dress Mocha Ice/Magnolia & Robin Egg/Cream & Soft Ash/Cream

ISA953 Robin Egg Dress and Soft Ash

IY971 Dress Glacier Noisette

IY966 Dress Sweet Lilac Midnight

IW955 Dress Cream Sky

IW960 Dress Mineral Midnight

IW948 Dress Damask Rose

IV942 Midnight

IU928 Malibu

IY816 Rosette

ISB920 Antique Rose/Cream

ISB908 Soft Blush

ISB910 Pewter

ISA930 Dress&Jacket Pebble

ISA913 Dress&Jacket Shard Musk

ISA954 Dress and Jacket Mocha Ice/Magnolia & Robin Egg/Cream & Soft Ash/Cream

ISA953 Robin Egg and Soft Ash Dress and Jacket

IY971 with Coat Glacier Noisette

IY966 Sweet Lilac Midnight

IW955 with Jacket Cream Sky

IW960 Mineral Midnight

IW948 with Jacket Damask Rose

IW934 Damask Rose

IV933 Rose Caress

ISA819 Dress Lapis

ISA935 Dress&Jacket Laurel

ISA818 Peacock Dress

ISA955 Slate

ISA932 Bluebell

ISA821 Peacock Dress

IU956 Kingfisher

IS822 Alabaster

IU804 Pearl

IW821 Midnight

IW952 Sky

IY923 Watermelon

IU950 Midnight

IW820 Midnight