Collections from Luis Civit and Claudia.C 

Premier Spanish collection Luis Civit, from Barcelona, covers all aspects of special occasion wear using stunning fabrics and timeless designs. 

Also, from the house of Luis Civit is the new  range from Claudia.C, an understated collection expertly designed for special occasions such as weddings and the races.

Two timeless collections that will give you a stylish look from head to toe.

F24-1405 - Luis Civit Three Piece

Trouser suit F24-1405

Luis Civit - D898-413 Dress

Gold dress D898-413

D987 - Luis Civit Dress

Gold dress D987

785 - Claudia C Dress Pink

Soller 785 Cape dress

Lea - Claudia C Dress

Lea pink dress shown without coat

Lea and Lois - Claudia C Dress and Jacket

Lea & Lois

Nadia - Claudia C Dress

Nadia dress with peplum cuffs

Brigitte - Claudia C Dress

Brigitte dress with chiffon sleeves

785 - Claudia C Dress

Begur 785 cape dress